The Little Witch Hunt

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween celebrations but how can you refuse a bit of fun getting dressed up! 

Typically I’m late to the party and scouring Westfield shops for a costume last minute for Nell – NOTHING is left. Year on year hysteria around this event is growing – far out. Until I stumble across a little witches dress tucked in the bargain bin at Red Dot – winning! About ten sizes to big but will last the next 4 years of tricker treating – whether Nell wants to be a witch or not 👻


Race to meet some little buddies in their neighbourhood to go on a full blown sugar hunt – that’s lololos (lollies to Nell). It’s a complete yet polite frenzy. She takes one lolly, says thank you and turns to Dadda to ask to eat it immediately. And this continues from house to house…

Overall it’s a fun filled hour of Nell thinking she’s arrived in a sweet heaven world and it’s never ending…

Until she crashes passed out – wanting to sleep with her candy fulled pumpkin cradled in her bed. No way little witch – this sugar hunt is over….

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