Getting back on that Work Horse

So a while back I did a little wee interview with Working Mums Collective. It was all about returning to work and some helpful tips on how to survive one of the toughest experiences in a mum’s journey (okay apart from childbirth it’s up there on the ricter scale).

The scary thing is I’m going back to 4 days this week. I have no idea how it’s going to pan out….scares the crap out of me.

Click on the link below to read the low down:


Off to get ready for work and wrangle Nell….

Mumma’s Fav Instagrams for May

Our holiday is fast approaching so scrambling to get find time for myself, balance work and umm… pack! But I always find time to scour Instagram and find my favourites for the month.

Instagram Favourites

1) The Digital Picnic Umm two serious talented ladies (Cherie & Cath) run this dynamic, super smart social and digital media business. I’ve completed a work shop and walked out the door feeling like I had a Masters in social media (yay right Steph). Oh and to boot that are both lovely.

2) Blossom and Glow Maternity So where was this very cool maternity gear when I was up the duff? I’m not even pregnant (no I’m not family and friends despite the sly glance at my tum…it’s all the Cadbury’s okay) and I want, want, want each and every single item. Spotted jumper – mine written all over it.

3) Cheeky Scoots one of my dear friends is kicking big goals in the scooter business (go Brookey!) Follow the scooter adventures of Derek, Daisy and Dexter before they go extinct.

4) Nectar and Stone two words…delicious and sweet. That is all. Oh and why don’t I live in Melbourne??

5) Stylish Bump so there seems to be a running preggers theme this month (I’m not – promise you – it’s the chocolate addiction). A fellow PR chick celebrates the bump is the most stylish way possible. All areas of the belly covered including celebrity bump watch (essential viewing of course).

I’m No Book Worm But…

A few months back I was super chuffed to be invited to Hardie Grant Egmont Children’s book preview. I can’t remember the time I read a full book (no time to sit still!) but Nell devours books morning, noon and night so I’m always keen to introduce her to a new little story.

There were two stand outs of the day for me – with two beautiful background stories to match.

Perfect, by Danny Parker, illustrations by Freya Blackwood (released in the second half of 2015)

‘On a perfect day the hours seem to stretch endlessly ahead…’ .

Danny explained how the creative process and how he was inspired by his daughter Abbie and when she was bored one day said ‘I just need a crayon and somewhere to scribble.’  Freya’s delicate drawings were inspired by her childhood on her Dad’s rural property in Orange where live was kind, fun and carefree.

Perfect Book Image 2 Perfect Book Image

Too Busy Sleeping, by Zanni Louise, illustrations by Anna Pignataro (released this July)

‘Eleanor longs to play with her baby brother, but newborn Reuben is always asleep. Will Eleanor wear out with waiting?’

Zanni discussed how she wrote the book after having her second baby (wow – that’s one super efficient Mumma) and how her first daughter dealt with a new bubba in the house.

Too Busy Sleeping Book Too Busy Sleeping Image

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Otherwise Know As Dadda’s Credit Card Smash & Grab

My second Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m proud as punch to have made it though this roller coaster ride they call motherhood. It’s all about celebrating those sleepless nights, gigantic breastfeeding boobies (thank god they’ve deflated to sacks – say what?) and never being able to wear white again (and god I’ve tried a number of times – stick to navy lady!). In all seriousness it’s about the kiddlewinks rewarding their exhausted Mumma with a big smooch and showing that they care. Oh and Dadda – time to smash and grab that credit card. So on that note here is my pressie wish list (a little pricey but a gal can dream right – hint hint Dadda B). Mother's Day Gift 1) State of Escape ‘Flying Solo’ Bag in Grey ($249) This bag has been on my wish list for a long, long, long time. Super stylish and friggin practical. Not dirty mittens on this – will just wipe off.

2) Jo Malone Pomegranate Nior Home Candle ($85) You could buy me a Jo Malone product for every birthed, Christmas and Mother’s Day for the rest of my life and I’d be a happy camper. Hands down – the best candles in the world. British do it best!

3) Masini & Chern Pjs ($230) Every Mum needs to be transported to a tropical island surround in plan trees each morning?

4) Aesop Jet Set Gift Kit ($41) Put me on a plane to Hawaii and this is all I need. Adore these products – luxury item – check!

5) Olympus SLR Camera ($Varies) I could happily accept any SLR camera from the range – snap happy lady over here.

6) Time with Nell – this can’t be bought and is priceless. I’ll take a lifetime supply please xxx