Nell’s Shop of the Month – May

You know when you come across Instagram photos that are so beautiful that you scroll through to the very first image that they posted? This happened when I stumbled across My Petal and Peach and her delightful kid’s clothing brand Sunny and Dear. 

Run by two sisters (and two mums) the brand features shoes, knit wear and bib smocks. The word smock instantly takes me back to my childhood in the 80’s and Mum whipping up something special on the overlocker in that Liberty style flowered print – warm, fuzzy feelings all round.

See below Nell’s top picks from this enchanting shop.

1) Leather Shoes (on sale) $24 – who could pass up a Nellephant!

2) Bib Smock $16 – corn, flowers or deck chairs? All 3 please 🙂

3) Knee High Socks $10 – not just for the big kids at school

4) Vintage Tie Tops $25 – taking Mumma back to her childhood

5) Feather Headpiece $20 – for my little adventurer

Sunny and Dear - Kid's Fashion

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