Let’s get Messy

It was my day off and Nell and I were heading to the shops for the usual wander/waste money on food and knick knacks we don’t need. We stumbled across The Mess and Learn Kingdom – a local little person activity centre that I’d been keen to give a whirl for a while…otherwise known as the perfect way to exhaust a certain small hyperactive creature.

Okay this place is AMAZING! She practically had the place to herself….


And went bananas with the toy set ups! A bit of carpentry like her Dadda…


Spot of cooking and cleaning. Plan is to take over Mumma’s (okay we all know Dadda is Dinner King) responsibilities.


Hours and hours spent playing with the new whizz bang (may not be new – we’re late to the party) kinetic sand. Cheesy grin says it all!


I was super relaxed and chilled out…..along with the trippy decor…


And that night she slept like a baby – twinkle twinkle


4/5 stars and a super duper way of spending those mornings and afternoons. Come winter and this will be our second home. Tick!


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