Mumma’s Fav Instagram Peeps for Feb

Hi everyone my name is Steph (cue everyone saying ‘Hi Steph’). And I’m an Instaholic. Isn’t everyone?

Anyhoo – here’s some of my fav’s on the Insti (nickname for the Gram).

1) Raising Master Max So I’m totally in love with her blog but her Instagram updates of cheeky monkey Frankie are heeee-larious. The tantrum/meltdown snaps speak a thousand words.

2) Eliza Ashe On top of being a member of my super duper Mother’s Group, a top mum to Atti, Eliza is also a very cool, all round amazing lifestyle/homewares stylist. Tick, tick, tick!

3) Tuppenny Farm This is Nell’s little Instagram mate. They are the same age, live in Australia and both their name’s are Nell. It’s like an early pen pal situation – too cute!

4) I Heart Bargains A bargain hunter at heart, Chelsea does all the hard work for you! An eye for style and an eye for that perfect wardrobe essential that will cost you under $100. Credit card is wearing down rapidly…

5) Sarah Plus Two And Jax One of the most uber cool women on Insti. You want to live in her house (oh amazing) and steal her creative eye (in a good way). Mum of two boys, she seems to effortlessly post mesmiring images.

Nell also has favourite things…ice cream


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