Nell’s Shop of the Month – February

I would classify myself as a Super shopper. A Super spender. And Nell a Super trendy bubba. So why not review a Super cool clothing brand like Melbourne based KaPow for the month of Feb. Bam. Wow. It’s neat stuff from KaPow.

Here’s the top heroes from their range.

1) Cloudy Skies Shorties – $24.95 (ummm obsessed with grey)


2) Twinkle T-Shirt Dress – $49.95 (Mumma has a slight addiction to T-Shirt Dresses so this is a no brainer)

Twinkle Dress

3) Limited Edition Penguin Sweater – NA (okay this is sold out but we would like to pre-order it in a adult size version too?)


4) Banana-rama Leggings – $34.95 (named after one of Mumma’s fav bands of the 80’s, uhum showing her age)


5) Pineapple Drib – $15.95 (where were these bibs when Nell was dribbling like a hose?! This is just one of the snazzy designs. In love. Full Stop.)

This is just a comic book snippet of the range – head to for more.

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