Doesn’t everyone hide in the bushes?

Third week of day care – here’s hoping for a happy little camper and laughter all round. I’m praying and I’m not relegious at all.

I dropped her off this morning and Miss Clingy resurfaced. It didn’t help that a fellow little munchkin was hysterical – poor things! She was glued to my knee and if I made any sudden move she would clutch at the neck of my top with all her might. Slowly but surely she headed for the train set…here was a potential break. I said a quick goodbye, kissed and told her I would be back after work. Oh no cue the tears…hard basket!!!

And then it started to get strange…please tell me I’m not the only one – doesn’t everyone hide in the bushes outside their child’s care centre?!!?? So there I crouched and waiting until she stopped crying. Am I crazy? Thankfully she stopped after 10 seconds.

No doubt I’ll be glued to my phone for an update and praying for a laughter and smiles text message!

4 thoughts on “Doesn’t everyone hide in the bushes?

  1. I can only imagine how hard that would be. My little one is 8mo and we’re only just being brave enough to let her sleep in her own room at night. It’s all so heart-wrenching!

    1. We were exactly the same – Nell was in her own room at 8 months too – but that gets easier 🙂 Hope that applies to day care! Doesn’t help she also has 6 teeth coming through – eek!

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