Video Hits: Nell’s Top 5 Music Clips

So we have a little bebopper on our hands. Nell loves music and shaking her little booty. Please find below her top video music clips. All on You Tube – her generation’s version of Video Hits (oh remember every Saturday on Channel 10 – those were the days and god I feel ancient).

To kick it off here is a sneak peak of her moves (wait for the pauses…) including the priceless roll of the hips.

1) Jack Johnson: Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – she listens to this practically every night while eating dinner. Despite the lyrics being about a personal dating ad – she thinks lights up and grooves whenever it comes on.

2) Super Simple Learning: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – with 433 million hits this vid is the perfect calm down solution. The animation is lovely and the buddy friendship between owl and star is cute as pie. Additional ones to watch on this channel: Little Snowflake and Sweet Dreams. Equals – some seriously chilled out kiddies.

3) Craig Smith: Wonkey Donkey – written and performed by a Kiwi – with the sense of humour of a Kiwi. She was introduced this by her Den Den (granddad) and bounces up and down as soon as she hears the donkey’s ee-ohh.

4) Hippo and Dog: The Lion Sleeps Tonight – nothing better than watching animals sing right? Can’t go wrong with an animated hippo and dog. Educating her early with 60’s music – one cool babee.

5) LadyBabyBum: Wheels on the Bus – okay will drive parents nuts but this is an oldie/goodie people. Oh and there’s 4 parts – 54 mins long each….

Love DJ Nell. x

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