Nell’s First Shoes

The time has come for pocket rocket to get her first pair of proper shoes! Gone are the fashionable pumps that are super unsupportive and hello to the good (aka daggy) supportive treads. So our hunt begins…

I had been avoiding the local Shoes and Sox for weeks now. Every time I passed the store it was packed with stressed out Mums/Dads and kiddies tearing the store apart like they were high on a litre of red cordial – no thanks. But I knew I had to venture in there – every Mum (like every Mum I know) said it was the place to get Nell’s feet measured correctly.

I waited until 3 or 4 one afternoon and it was seemingly calm from the outlook.  I took a ticket – yes a ticket. Yep exactly like the deli meat section on Woolies. This is a serious system folks.

The sales assistant Stephanie (namesake – already making me feel at ease – we can bond) was efficient and super friendly. This may not be a bad experience after all. Nell got her teeny tiny feet measured…a small size 3.5. Watching her gave me a flashback of when I had my feet done as a kid – insert a massive flush of gooey feel-good/loving/oh my god she’s growing so fast emotion. Love the look on her face ‘whatcha doing with my feet lady?!’

FullSizeRender copy 2

So next up was choice. All I could hear in my head was Ma (My Mum) ‘Clarks, Clarks, Clarks, you need to get Clarks’. So I was drawn to the Clarks shelf. To my surprise there was some super cool silver sandals (insert phew and yipee). Not daggy at all, with an adorable little heart at the front – winning!

FullSizeRender copy 3

But they don’t come cheap ($74.95 – geez Louise, but they are leather. Quality.) and last for 3-4 months depending on the growth speed of your little tyke. Anyone keen to start an infant shoe biz??!!

Top Tips for Your Little One’s First Shoe Adventure:

– Don’t go during the school holidays. Warning do not go at this time.

– Go to the experts (Shoes and Sox are A-mazing). Other retailers sell infant shoes but don’t have the know-how.

– If you buy leather, get your little one to walk around the house in them with socks on to loosen the wear

– Be open – not everything is daggy.

– At the end of the day it’s all about the right shoes for their feet, correct sizing = best for growth and development.

2 thoughts on “Nell’s First Shoes

  1. Crazy isnt it. wait till you need school shoes…. two pairs of course you need black pair and a sports pair. ofcourse if you are lucky you do get more than a couple of months out of them.
    Thank you for contributing to The Sunday Brunch Magazine, we look forward to sharing your work, Eliza & Bel x

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