The first time you leave your child with a stranger…for 45 minutes

Today I left Nell with a stranger…for 45 mins. For the very first time.

I decided to get my arse in gear and join the local gym. It’s spanking brand new and has a equally spanking brand new creche. To date I have not left Nell with anyone other than a friend she knows or a family member so this is a BIG deal.

My girlfriend takes her two kids there so made sure we went at the same time so she would recognise her little mates and feel comfortable. I packed the usual over anxious child bag – 3 change of clothes, 4 nappies and about 32 snacks….

The girls were so lovely and welcoming and all the kids were running around happy as Larry. Nell seemed oblivious to the fact that Mumma was about to burst in to tears. Really had to get my act together – it was only a 45 minute circuit class – she will survive but Mumma may not survive the workout!

So I did it. I focused on my panting breath and aching legs and pushed through the workout. I eagerly burst through the doors to expect Nell to come rushing at me….but no she was cuddling one of the carers and calm. They said she was TOTALLY fine, cruised the room, played on her own, was mesmerised by the toilet (like she is at home – good sign for training down the track right?) and only grizzled near the end (due for a snooze).

So it’s done. I’ve cracked the initial separation anxiety for me and entered the world of my child in someone else’s care. Okay so it’s not a full day (that’s to come next year – already having mares about that) but it’s a start. And also a start of my tummy and bum getting a bit smaller. Yeah. Right.


‘I’m okay Mumma – work that booty’

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