Top 5 Gifts for a New Mumma (that she needs)

So your gorgeous friend/rely has just put in a mammoth effort and popped out a new bubba. She is super new to the world of parenting (as is Dadda) and it’s a massive shock to the system – sleepless nights (actually no sleep FULL STOP), recovering from the physical aspect of birth (ouch) and an overwhelming sense of ‘whoa’.

Having been through this process a year ago with Nell, I thought I would pull together the Top 5 Best Ever Gifts for a New Mumma. These are not the standard ‘baby’ gifts (clothes, toys etc) – these are the things she NEEDS to help her through this tough stage and are so so so helpful and greatly received with open arms.

1. Food: This means cooked dinners. A good friend dropped off a range of home cooked meals that lasted us a couple of nights. It was a godsend as the lack of sleep had made us incapable of cooking a decent meal. If you don’t want to cook yourself you can organise delivery through these nifty services (feel free to share any in your local area): (Sydney) (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast)

Or if hubby has the energy to muster something together food box/recipe services like are the way to go.

2. Chocolate/Lollies/Her favourite treat: This is needed in copious amounts. I’m not talking one or two bars, I’m talking cartons of the good stuff – Costo levels. My vice was fridge cold plain Cadbury family blocks. I would go through one a day in the early stages of breastfeeding – it was the only thing that made me feel satisfied (and about a litre of iced cold milk to wash it down!).

3. Magazines/Music: Whatever types she likes to read or listen to. It will give her the ability to switch off and wind down for the all important sleep! My preferred reading material was trashy celebrity magazines…I know shameful confession.

4. In home Service: Massage, Manicure/Pedicure, Hair Blow Dry: If she’s the pampering type or even if she’s not – a relaxing in home treatment will make a world of difference to her state of mind. There’s tons of mobile services in local areas that will bring back some normality and make her feel slightly human again. Some suggestions below or those handy local area FB groups will have great recommendations.

5. Time Out: This is time for her to have a shower, a short nap, walk around the block – something just for her. If you can hold (if allowed – mummas are fiercely protective) the bubba or take it for a stroll in the pram so she can have 15 minutes to herself to revive and refresh. Nothing better! IMG_0074

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Gifts for a New Mumma (that she needs)

  1. Fabulous ideas… And much better than flowers and teddy bears. We did a bulk cook up before bub 1 was born but a few people visited with take away which was good. We did similar my bestie recently with fresh bread, meat & salad items to make fresh sandwiches for lunch as she had a lot of fast food coming over but not much nice fresh stuff.

      1. Yes I’m wondering how to subtly tell everyone not to give my new baby soft toys. Seriously… Most annoying gift. They need their own bedroom. Haha

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