Blissfully Snoring

Today was treat day for Mumma. When ever I want to treat myself it’s all about pampering. Back in the day (I’m talking 20’s) I would get a facial every month to fix my hormonal skin – which actually wasn’t that bad in hindsight – but of course at the time it was most hideous thing ever! So today was about relaxing and fixing the newly acquired wrinkles (from Nell’s lovely sleep patterns).

For those Sydney peeps I’ve found a glorious lady called Nicole at Drift Facials (based in North Bondi) to tend to my face. She makes all her own product using natural ingredients and best of all you relax in her beautiful home – so quiet and serene! A divine facial that includes a long, long, long head massage (way longer than your average hairdressing basin job and one of my top five things EVER), followed by an equally long facial massage to plump up those sagging areas.

The best bit of the entire experience – waking myself up from my snoring. This is not the first time and it sure won’t be the last.

Zzzzz to my smooth skin.


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