To Catch A Wee…

So little Nell is little. She’s always been a tiny package since birth (2.9kgs) but always ‘well covered’ according to friends, family members and medical professionals. I went through the usual concerns (okay let’s be honest – major freak outs) that she wasn’t getting enough breast milk even though my udders had ballooned from a B to a DD and had ‘turbo’ flow (I was a ‘special’ case) according to my lactaction consultant. But she steadily gained weight and thrived month by month.

Last week it was time for her 12 month shots. Eek – always an anxious moment for any mother – nothing worse than seeing your little bug poked and prodded. She breezed through her shots to my surprise and zoomed around the Dr’s office happy as Larry. We did the usual checks on eyes, ears, speech, movement etc. Next it was weigh in time….

In the blue corner, is Nell the Napper, amateur division, food monster, the pocket rocket ready to take on her opponents…weighing in at 7.8kgs.

I really didn’t know what to think. I thought she would be at least 8kgs plus. But this little dynamo is a feather weight athlete. The Dr said she wasn’t concerned but wanted to do a urine test to make sure everything was clear.

So here is my challenge – to catch a wee!

This morning I spent an hour racing around after a naked one year old with a medical container to capture her wee wee. This is not an easy task AT ALL. She thought it was hilarious that we were playing chasey starkers. I almost was giving up hope when she slowly stopped by our bed…she squatted ever so slightly and I spotted liquid gold. Here’s my chance…the jar quickly went under…to catch a nugget of her poo??!!!

To catch a wee challenge is on like donkey kong…any tips are greatly appreciated

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