Smell that?

Okay so I’m not a massive fan of candles – majority of any that I have bought end up cluttering the room, collecting dust and never lit. But I was gifted a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Home Candle a couple of years ago and it’s the bomb. Lit every Saturday after I’ve done the cleaning while hubby is at work and Nell is sleeping, it fills the house with a subtle and relaxing fruity smell. It’s a little pricey ($85.00) but completely worth putting down the dollars.

Another candle on my wish list is the Country Road Fig Candle. Every time I walk in to a CR store I’m mesmerised by the smell and spend some serious mulla (sales technique perhaps?). Reasonably priced ($39.95) I’m saving my pennies.

I’m all for supporting home grown brands so Grace and James is a funky Australian candle maker. Created by Melbournian Emma Davenport, you can’t go wrong with scents like Coconut Wild & Lime and Creamy Vanilla ($49.95).

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So it begins…

This has been a long time coming. A really long time coming. I was meant to start my blog when Nell was born – sling shot forward and she has just turned one. She is now turning in to a little personality, I’m about to go back to work (eek) and our daily adventures (okay they will continue to an extent) are coming to a close. So it’s time to put this thing in motion. Hope you enjoy my various ramblings about the merry-go-round of life/work balance and of course all about Nell.